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From an old lady’s bitter retort to the poetic end to an abusive relationship, Stringfellow’s poetry will make readers feel as if they are the captive audience of a short film.


Each prose in this anthology does not merely exalt the beauty of a friendship, it tells the story of how two friends met. This is where the beauty of this collection lies, every piece has a story in it—one that depicts life, something so real and familiar that it might have happened to a friend of a friend or even to the readers themselves.


Whether curling up by the fire on a rainy day or in need of a good reading material before bed, An Attic Full of Poems is sure to give anyone that much needed comfort that can only come from having life unraveled.


Be moved, be thrilled, and be relieved. Life, after all, is poetry.


An Attic Full of Poems


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ISBN13(TP) 978-1-4415-4214-4

ISBN13(HB) 978-1-4415-4215-1